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Staging Homes For Sale

SpacerMy name is Maria Lybrand, owner of Lybrand Redesign, specializing in home redesign and real estate staging in the Florida Keys.  Let's talk about staging....

Why Staging?
Are you preparing to sell your home, or a client's home? Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.  Buyers make the decision to buy a home within the first few moments of walking through the door. Studies have shown that "staging" a home will lead to a higher sales price, and will lessen its time on the market.

What Is Real Estate Staging?
Staging is the art of arranging a home's furnishings to enhance its appearance and eliminate clutter. By using well chosen accessories, a home will be more spacious, comfortable and inviting.  Prospective buyers will feel welcome, making it easier to visualize themselves living in your home.

What I Offer:
Normally, in the redesign process I would add a person's personality to a home. However when staging a home, I will take away that personality, so that the home will appeal to your target market -- a wider audience of potential buyers. I offer a service to create a warm, inviting and uncluttered look for your home that will appeal to the market.

I work to bring balance and harmony to your home by using furnishings you already own as much as possible.  If something more is needed, I will work with you, within your budget, to obtain furnishings necessary to give your home the warmth and style to make a difference.

I will also assist you by preparing a basic checklist of items which may need attention before your house is placed on the market.

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