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Lybrand Redesign in the Press

(In reverse date order...)
  • A feature story about Redesign, featuring Lybrand Redesign, ran in the Home Improvement guide, published by the KeyNoter throughout the Florida Keys during the Fall of 2007.

  • A business section article about Lybrand Redesign ran in the KeyNoter newspaper throughout the Florida Keys on Satunday, August 18, 2007.

  • A feature story about Lybrand Redesign ran in the Keys Sunday newspaper throughout the Florida Keys on Sunday, August 12, 2007.

  • Lybrand Redesign was featured on the Interior Redesign Industry Specialists website during winter of 2007.

  • A business news article in the Key West Citizen that ran on October 29, 2006, features Maria's comments on Redesign and Staging.

  • This press release ran in varous Key West area newspapers in Spring of 2006.

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