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Consultation & Redesign

As mentioned on my Welcome page, redesign is the art of using your existing furnishings and reworking them to add warmth and balance to rooms within your home. Because I am able to use your personal treasures, your home will continue to reflect your own taste and style. However by adding a designer flair to your loved furnishings, I am able to create a home which is not only a reflection of you, but is also a home you'll enjoy each and every day.

Are you tired of some of your accessories, but afraid you'll still need them in your design? I'll help you to let go of furnishings you might have been holding on to, help you to see how they don't fit into the room. You will feel better about letting them go, knowing that they just don't work well with your design.

We will have the opportunity to discuss your desires and your ideas, and meld them into fabulous results. Here'a how I work....

After our initial phone conversation, an appointment will be set to meet with you to discuss the changes you would like to make and to assess your needs. With your permission, I would like to tour your home to see what might be available to use in the redesign process.

I want to focus on what is important to you, so at this time, I will listen as you give your input on color, space, likes, and dislikes. A contract will be drawn up and fees confirmed.

Let me discover your homes' hidden potential. My goal is to make your house your home. You will achieve immediate results and instant gratification. This is the most economical, risk free decorating technique that skillfully uses your existing furnishings and accessories to dramatically change your home.

One Day Redesign:
On the scheduled day of your redesign, I will empty the contents of the room, including artwork and accessories. The redesign project begins with the placement of furniture. The area rugs and lighting come next, followed by your pictures and accessories. All are arranged to enhance the beauty of your furnishings, giving you all the balance and harmony you always dreamed your home could have.

I will take the best of what you have and give you amazing results.

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