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Having trouble getting yourself organized?  Do you feel like you are drowning in clutter? I can help unclutter your surroundings, giving you a more relaxed, comfortable feeling in your home. More space and organization allows you to best utilize and enjoy your home and all your furnishings. I would love to help you sort through those boxes or piles stacked up in the garage or spare bedroom.

By getting rid of the clutter you'll feel better and can make good use of that spare room or much needed area in the garage.  And if your home here in the Keys doesn't even have a garage or a spare room, I can help you find room you didn't realize you had.  I can help you sort through the process by placing furnishings where they will be most effective and attractive, bringing balance and elegance into your home. You may even decide to donate the items you haven't used in years.  If you haven't needed it or possibly didn't even remember you owned it, why keep it?  Sometimes a helping hand is all you need, so let me help you get ORGANIZED.

Lybrand Redesign Before and After ExampleTweaking:
Do you have a room that is just a little out of sync with the rest of your house?  Maybe it needs a good "tweaking".  By simply rearranging your artwork, changing the position of a few accessories, and adding greenery, we can give your room amazing results that will emphasize and reflect your personality and taste.

Home Transitions/Move-Ins
Let me make moving into your new home an exciting, rather than stressful experience. With so many other concerns, you can eliminate the physical and mental stress of unpacking and placing your furnishings and accessories in your new home. You can spend your time doing other things you enjoy.

If your move is just around the corner or maybe to another Key, I want to help you make your new house your home.  Because moving can be so overwhelming, a helping hand is always welcome.  I can begin with the packing process, from the purchase of boxes, right on through to your new home or office.  Depending on your needs, I can unpack, arrange, and place your treasures in a warm and attractive setting.  I would love to assist you with all your moving needs.

Personal Shopping:
Accessories are what make your home truly yours. Once your new room is complete, there might be some items needed to bring your room together to give it a finishing touch. If finding the time to shop is hard to come by, or you don't feel confident in shopping alone in search of the perfect accessory, I can shop for you or with you. I will shop for the best value, exclusively for your home, giving thought to your overall design and what you would like.

Your room now has the look of being complete and incredible.


  • Blending together two homes
  • Moving into a senior retirement home from a larger home
  • Relocating to either a smaller or larger home
  • The division of one home and the creation of two household


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