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About Maria Lybrand, IRIS, CISS

Maria LybrandSpacerAfter many years in the accounting and personal income tax profession, Maria wanted to pursue her passion: bringing  comfort and enjoyment to people by enhancing their homes in an affordable, elegant way.  By using their existing furnishings, she would be able to make their dream home obtainable at a fraction of the cost that it would otherwise cost them.

"When I learned that there was an organization and a concept out there that could assist people in this way, I knew I needed to  be a part of it.  I am very passioniate about the field of redesign.  Everyone who discovers that the redesign concept is available, loves it."

Maria attended Interior Redesign Training in Dania, Florida. Upon completion of her training, she  joined, and is now a certified member of the national organization Interior Redesign Industry Specialists, which is often seen on HGTV. She subsequently also trained for and received additional certification as a Certified Interior Staging Specialist (CISS)

"I love helping my family and friends with fresh ideas to enhance and bring excitement to their homes.  I've always felt that we collect our treasures and we want to keep them, but sometimes we need help giving them a fresh prospective."

Today, with the real estate market having slowed, it is more important than ever to have your home staged for resale.  Using the art of staging and redesign, Maria loves getting in there, rolling up her sleeves, and working to enhance your home to bring in the best price possible.

"My interest in Redesign dates back many years. I have enjoyed interior redesign much more than  initial decorating. Rearranging has always appealed to me as I have assisted in a number of redesign projects, always enjoying the challenge and fabulous results."

Maria and her husband David live in a beautiful home in Key West, Florida. "We relocated to the Key West area after our daughter, Jonna, graduated from high school. Our home is eclectic, but I love all styles."

I would love to work with you to give your home a comfortable look that says, "I love coming home everyday."


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